The Board of Directors of FHAAR/FHAMLS would like to invite you to join our Affiliate Membership Program.

Call the board office for the application for membership so we can register you with the Texas REALTORS® (TR) and FHAAR as an Affiliate Member!

There are so many professions and /or services that are closely related to the real estate industry. National statistics show that every new home sold generates $63,000 to the local economy almost immediately.

Where does this revenue come from? Businesses just like yours. From plumbers, landscapers, painters, kitchen and household goods, electronics, appliances, flooring…well the list is too long to cover here. This is of course in addition to the builders, mortgage banks, insurance, title companies, and other entities that make the initial transaction possible.

Our association has over 900 licensed REALTOR® members that access our multiple listing service to list and sell homes and property. You can see the potential for referral business from these real estate professionals to your business. How do these referrals happen? They happen based on relationships between REALTORS® and other business professionals just like you.

Below you will find listed a few of the benefits enjoyed by Affiliate Members of FHAAR. The cost of your annual membership is only $245. Take just a moment to complete your application and return it today.

We look forward to hearing from you soon and welcoming you to the FHAAR family as an Affiliate Member!

Benefits of Affiliate Membership with FHAAR:

Sponsorships….Affiliate Members will be given the opportunity to sponsor events with FHAAR. Education/training sessions, membership meetings, etc are a great way to increase awareness of your business.

Political Advocacy…through TREPAC (the largest PAC in Texas) you will be kept up to date on legislative and other political issues.

Attendance and participation in quarterly membership meetings, the Holiday Gala, and other events held throughout the year.

Affiliate members can serve on, and in some cases chair, committees.

Email updates, notices, bulletins and reminders. You’ll be on the same distribution list as the REALTOR® members.

You’ll be registered as an Affiliate with Texas REALTORS® and you get the discounts and other benefits that REALTORS® do.

Our very special AFFILIATE OF THE YEAR honor is given each year.

Of course the biggest benefit of all is the professional working relationships you will be able to build with our REALTOR® members.

*There are some exceptions


  1. Good Morning,
    I am with Keeping It Reality in Temple. I live in the Killeen area. I am currently with TBBOR and would like to become affiliate member. Pleease let me know what i need to do to complete this step.

  2. Good afternoon!
    My name is Brooke Bridges, I am part of the business development team here in Harker Heights for First Community Title. I am very interested in joining this committee, please let me know what I need to do in order to join if you will. Please and thank you so much.
    Have a great day!
    God bless,

  3. Hello,
    My name is Keith Frierson and I would like to join as an Affiliate Member. I am an MLO with Team Lend Friend Mortgage in the Austin area. Please let me know what you need from me to begin the process of obtaining membership. Look forward to working with you!

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